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Building Design and Construction: Is Your Property 5G Ready?

Originally Aired April 4, 2019

Mobile data traffic is growing exponentially – in fact, Cisco predicts that traffic will increase sevenfold by 2022. From smartwatches to smart HVAC systems, trends in IoT, BYOD and building automation are making the battle for wireless bandwidth very real. With the dawn of 5G, it’s more important than ever for commercial and residential real estate properties to ensure they’re ready for the increasing onslaught of mobile data.

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Network Densification Can Turn Urban Canyons Into Wireless Oasis

Originally Aired April 16, 2019

We’ve all been there—you’re using Google Maps to get to a meeting in an unfamiliar central business district or metropolitan downtown. You turn a corner and, all of a sudden, a high-rise blocks the signal and you’re steps away from lost and late. Welcome to an urban canyon.

Learn how careful consideration of transport and radio network planning and investment can turn an urban canyon into a wireless oasis.

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Exploring New Enterprise In-building Funding Models

May 16, 2019 | 10:00 AM Central Time

Lack of flexible funding models is one of the significant barriers to broader adoption of in-building DAS. In this webinar you’ll get perspective from a leading market analyst who has a broad perspective of in-building challenges, accompanied by a panel composed of a leading infrastructure provider and a leading design firm /system integrator who will explore real life installations to provide insight into creative funding models.

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We provide our services and solutions to a number of industries including commercial properties, transportation, stadiums & arenas, healthcare, and more.

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SOLiD Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring & Maintenance

Our support system packages including monitoring, remote problem correction, on-site repairs and other important features.
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SOLiD Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design

SOLiD has built a design program to meet the demands and needs of the fast-paced wireless industry.
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SOLiD Certifications

Training & Certification

Do you want to know how to commission a SOLiD system, understand the math and signal flow in a DAS?
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SOLiD has an extensive collection of informative videos. Visit our video wall or webinar page to see more!

SOLiD Discusses Importance of Open RAN

Speaking from Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Ken Sandfeld, president of SOLiD Americas, discusses the infrastructure vendor’s open RAN initiatives, as well as provides updates on the GENESIS DAS and explains how global technology trends impact investments in the United States.

Boingo and SOLiD at MWC 2019

SOLiD President Ken Sandfeld and Boing SVP of Business Development Doug Lodder discuss the SOLiD and Boingo partnership and strategy for improving connectivity at MWC 2019 Barcelona

The Middleprise: The Evolution of Indoor Wireless Coverage

Building owners and wireless service providers are coming to terms with a new approach towards providing cellular coverage and capacity for their customers and tenants. On this executive panel are leaders in the in-building wireless sector including Ken Sandfeld, Piyush Raj, Kishore Raja, Joel Lindholm, and Liam Quinn.